The decision by the English RFU to ban Trans women from rugby all together has been a terrible blow for all Trans players and for rugby as an inclusive sport. Our trans siblings are hurting, and we must be there for them.

While having to comply with RFU rules will regrettably impact on our ability to include Trans women in our tournament play, the Birmingham 2023 Organising Committee will work to make the tournament as inclusive as possible.

This includes:

  • Facilitating a mixed-sex touch rugby exhibition game (to be organised by IGR)
  • Using the Trans flag motif prominently during the tournament as a show of solidarity – including as the basis for the design for the referee shirts.
  • Using opportunities within the event to educate our own community on Trans inclusion in society and in rugby
  • Working to meet individual needs with changing facilities on request click here
  • Providing space for Trans players and supporters to meet up
  • Using the platform the Union Cup has to celebrate Trans players in rugby, highlight the impact of the RFU’s trans ban and campaign for it to be overturned

For individual changing needs click here

For more information please e-mail