Introducing the Birmingham Bulls

The Birmingham Bulls first started in 2011 as a small group meeting with the idea to form an inclusive rugby club. This came from the experience of players who had already taken part in Bingham and Union Cups. The club saw its first success in 2012 at the Hadrian Cup, with the Bulls coming a surprise second and getting a first win, so much so that a ‘booby prize’ trophy had already been engraved with the club’s name. Almost a decade later, the Bulls has grown to be a thriving team who have seen success at various IGR tournaments, and at a local level. The club has continued to welcome both new and experienced players to its ranks.

Bulls On Tour

The Bulls attended their first Union Cup in 2013, which was met with disappointment on the field, losing all of our games in the 10’s tournament. Despite the losses, the club came away having made new friends, and a drive to improve our results on the field. Two years later the Bulls returned, putting out a stronger performance in the main cup, narrowly losing out in our tier. Rugby aside, Belgium will always remember the invasion of Sias who also made the national news. More success came in Madrid 2017, when the Bulls finished sixth in a gruelling finals match with Stockholm, but after a hard tournament were not able to nab the silverware. The club finally saw more success in Dublin 2019, when we brought home some silverware. The club has also seen success at their first Bingham Cup in Amsterdam, where the first team came 17th, winning the Bingham Vase, and our second team (a mix of Bulls and Cardiff Lions) brought home the Challenger Plate.

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