Birmingham is known the world over as the cradle of the Industrial Revolution, and a city with more canals than Venice, but there is more to this city than factories and dodgy accents. Birmingham and its surrounding area has a rich cultural, gastronomic and diverse identity, which makes it the perfect Union Cup host city.

Thanks to its industrial heritage, Birmingham is a vibrant multi-cultural and diverse city. It boasts Irish and Chinese quarters, as well as the infamous Balti Triangle and Soho Road. This multi-cultural background has created some fantastic places to eat. The city boasts numerous Michelin Star restaurants, award winning street food, farmer’s markets and all the usual high-street favourites. Birmingham has something to fulfil everyone’s appetites. For those of you who like a cultural experience, Birmingham is home to some fantastic theatres, music venues and museums. If the countryside is more your thing, the local counties of Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Warwickshire all offer some post-rugby respite with views to kill. Birmingham is an exciting place to be right now; there are new developments taking place all over the City Centre. These will add new shopping centres, transport hubs, and expand on the existing tram links. Along with this there is the buzz of the upcoming Commonwealth Games in 2022, which cements Birmingham’s reputation as a sporting city.